Celis Brand Returns to TX

At long last, the Celis brand is going home to Austin, Texas, and to the Celis family.

After being owned by the Michigan Brewing Co. for a decade, the recent bankruptcy of MBC allowed creditors to auction off the brands name.

According to a story in the Lansing State Journal, Wednesday’s auction of equipment and brand names included the sale, for an undisclosed price, of the Celis trademark purchased in 2002 by MBC founder Bobby Mason.

The late Pierre Celis revived the brewing blend in the 1960s in Belgium before moving to Texas in the 1990s. He died last year at age 86. The family business is carried forward by his daughter, Christine.


  1. nohandslance says

    Is it just the name, or is the original brewery still functional. Yumm..! What a great beer.

  2. worldbrew says

    I believe that the original Austin brewery was in the auction purchase. It will be a great addition to the national craft brands! Cheers to the Celis family and to the new owners!!!