Can you Can Whiskey?

Scottish Spirits Imports Inc. is launching its single grain Scotch whiskey in a 12-ounce can this December.

With 40 percent alcohol by volume, one can of the whiskey contains three servings.

The can is 100 percent recyclable, convenient and portable, and protects the quality of the alcohol inside, the company says.

The whiskey is distilled and matured in Scotland for a minimum of three years in oak casks. A can retails for approximately $5.

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  1. einhorn says

    Gimmicky, nothing else. As brewers, we wrestle with the perceived quality issues with beer, positive & negative, I can’t imagine that whisky will ever have a chance in this packaging. Once it’s opened, one must consume it all, and 12 oz. of whisky is more than hearty.

  2. gitchegumee says

    Back to the thread title “can you can whiskey”: no, not really. We’ve tried to can several alternative beverages in a standard 202 aluminum can by Ball. The can in the accompanying photo looks like the same standard can. There must be sufficient carbonation to keep the can’s shape. Without any internal pressure, the skin will not be rigid. Any flat beverage will allow the can to be dented easily. As well, Ball stipulates that the alcohol content of any beverage must be below 20% ABV. So, the liner must be specially formulated for 40%, I guess. There are non-carbonated beverages sold in cans. Like ice coffee or milk teas (at least in Asia) for examples. But those cans are thicker steel with double seams and a totally different geometry. So, I wonder how they can package this whiskey without carbonation? Maybe a more inert gas like nitrogen?

  3. matt says

    Non-carbonated drinks in can or pet bottles is not a problem. Most use liquid nitrogen injection before closure. This creates enough pressure to keep the container rigid.
    …until you open it!

    I still like my glass.

  4. Darel Matthews says

    We’ve got a nitro dropper on our can line for non-carb stuff. I wish PA laws allowed us to distill.