Can it Get Any Lower?

Anheuser-Busch InBev, in a caloric race (de-race?) with MillerCoors’ MGD Light 64, launched this week Bud Select 55 which boasts an absurdly low 55 calories and 2.4% abv.

A 12 ounce serving of milk by the way has 129 calories (oh my gosh – how fattening!!). And for those of you who really care about your figure, don’t forget that a 12 ounce serving of oragnge juice will fill you up with 168 calories.

Perhaps even mor amazing is that the brewers are charging more money and successfully selling a product that is literally watered down.

These discussions often bring up price per alcohol comparisons, because price and abv are two quantifiable statistics. The real fleecing going on here is that people pay the same $5 or $6 for a six-pack of these ultralight beers (with sub-3% alcohol levels) as they would for light beer (about 4% abv) or ordinary Bud Heavy (5%). So unless Bud Light is just too rich for the Select 55 or MGD 64 drinker, these people are paying for water at beer prices. Or, put another way, they’re paying for a placebo beer that they can drink in higher quantity than ordinary beer to the same effect. They’re paying for A-B InBev and M-C to step in and feed them water because they can’t just slow down and have one or two less beers in a night.

Hand me a stout please.