BridgePort Brewing Pours the Season's First Taste of Hop Harvest Ale

BridgePort Brewing Pours the Season’s First Taste of Hop Harvest Ale at its Hop Harvest Celebration 7- 9 p.m. Wednesday,September 26th, BridgePort brewpub + bakery in the Pearl at 1313 NW Marshall St. Featuring live music, food from the BridgePort brewpub and bakery, and most importantly a taste of Hop Harvest Ale, BridgePort’s Hop Harvest Celebration is free and open to the public.

BridgePort Brewing Company is debuting its limited-edition 22-ounce series with the
2007 Hop Harvest Ale, a triple hopped Imperial Style Ale using wet, green Centennial Hops fresh from the fields. With plans for a number of limited-edition 22-ounce brews each year, Hop Harvest Ale is just the first of a series of new and innovative, big brews from BridgePort.

About Hop Harvest and BridgePort’s Hop Harvest Ale BridgePort’s Hop Harvest Ale uses fresh green hops right off the vine, yielding incredible, fresh hop aromatics. Starting early in the morning, BridgePort’s brewmaster, Karl Ockert, heads to the hop farm 30 miles south of Portland. Hops are cut from the fields, picked from the vines, and before the usual drying step occurs, green, wet hops are put into large 50-pound bags and taken back to the brewery. Upon arrival 300 pounds of green hops are added to a unique Hop Jack Tank that has already been brewing for several hours. As the hops steep, the Pearl District surrounding BridgePort Brewery is filled with intense hop aromas that result in a distinct brew unlike any normally hopped ale.

BridgePort’s Hop Harvest Ale Stats:
IBU’s: 70 ABV: 7.0% Color: Deep Golden
Ingredients: Pale, Wheat and Carmel Malts. Oregon Nugget, UK Golden, Centennial and freshly harvested Centennial Hops.
Description: This triple hopped ale is a bottle conditioned Imperial Style Ale. The fresh green Centennial Hops add floral overtones reminiscent of tropical fruits.