Brick Brewing has ‘Exceptional Summer’

Brick Brewing Co. announced strong growth in both sales and profits for the three month period ending July 31st. The Canadian brewery says its second-quarter profit rose 62% to a record $1.35 million in “an exceptional summer” for selling beer that will encourage production growth.

Revenue increased 27% to $8.2 million while beer volume increased by 31%.

“It has been an exceptional summer for selling beer this year and we were fortunate to have the resources in place to capitalize on this additional volume,” Jim Brickman, executive chairman and founder, said in a release.

CEO Doug Berchtold said production capacity will be added by next spring to allow for growth.

“Our investments in additional production capacity will not only allow us to grow our volumes but will also provide a permanent reduction in our variable manufacturing costs,” Berchtold said.

Brick’s brands include Laker, Red Cap and Formosa Springs Draft.