Brewery Start-Up 101

Siebel offers new course on brewery start-up

‘Start Your Own Brewery’ course, a new course offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology will take place April 7 – 9, 2008 in Chicago.

This course covers the brewpub & microbrewery design and startup issues needed to open a new brewery. The content covers a range of topics including basic brewery design and operation, planning for capacity, utilities & brewery waste, packaging and other brewery-related issues. Segments on planning and management such as site selection, business plan development, financial issues and distribution. For those opening a brewpub, this program will also deal with the dynamics of restaurant and pub design, front and back-end operations and effective management tools and techniques.

Each day will features a successful brewery entrepreneur who will share their story and answer questions from the class. These “Entrepreneurial Voices” will provide real-life insights into building brewing companies that work, giving students the benefit of knowledge from some of the nation’s “Captains of Craft Brewing”.

For more information go For information regarding registration & hotels in the Chicago area, contact Lupe Zepeda at [email][/email].