Brewery Expansions

Boulevard and Clipper City both announce facility expansion

Boulevard Brewing Co., of Kansas City and Clipper City Brewing Company of Baltimore, MD both announced significant expansion plans this week.

Boulevard will be adding three fermentation tanks and refrigeration equipment to increase its capacity from the current 150,000 barrels to 190,000 barrels annually.

The company said the latest investment is aimed at meeting demand over the next two years, when a major production expansion would be required. The additional refrigeration equipment should be enough to handle Boulevard through its next anticipated major expansion.

The new fermenting tanks were required to accommodate a pilsner beer line that Boulevard introduced to the Kansas City market last summer in anticipation of a larger rollout.

Clipper City Brewing Company announced plans to expand the facility to increase brewing capacity and to enlarge their public events area to accommodate larger tours and public events. Also, the Clipper City line of beers will be rebranded using exclusively the Heavy Seas name and with new label art.

The former Clipper City brand beers will now join the Heavy Seas brand as the Clipper Fleet with new names, artwork, and packaging. They will also now be available in markets outside of the Mid-Atlantic states.