Breweries are Twitting

Sound like just another online trend? Take a look at the number of people tweeting that they’ve been drinking “Arrogant Bastard” in the past 48 or so hours.

Twitter is not an instant-gratification-sell-more-beer-right-away marketing scheme. Instead it is more of an interpersonal service that builds brand ownership among consumers. It’s a way to build a small following around your brewery and get to know those who drink your beer. It’s also a way to let people who drink your beer get to know you. One of the great allures of craft breweries is that each brewery is owned and run by people with passion. What’s the difference between your beer and Blue Moon? You.
Twitter can also be a good way to gain ‘intel’ on your brand out in the marketplace. You can’t be out in the retail trade every day and evening listening to your consumer feedback. Twitter allows you to hera real time feedback about your brands.

It may be time to Twit.