Brewblog Gone

MillerCoors ends company blog

Brewblog, the drinks industry news blog sponsored by MillerCoors, is to be shut down because it no longer fits with the company’s communication strategy.

Visitors to the site last Friday were greeted with the words: “You’re reading the last post from”

The news marks the end of brewblog’s experiment in corporate blogging, after the site was created by SABMiller as an extension to its Brew magazine in June 2006. It was intended to be independent of the SAB corporate line.

SAB’s merger in the US with Molson Coors, completed this year, appears to have sounded the blog’s death knell.

Brewblog’s final post said: “As the strongest No. 2 the beer industry has seen in decades, the new MillerCoors needs to communicate differently than the old Miller did.

“And so it’s creating a variety of new communications tools to establish a new voice and perspective with its employees, distributors and retailers, and to help it become America’s best beer company. You’ll soon hear more about these initiatives.”


  1. lhall says

    That’s a shame. I used to check it out pretty often. Even though the author seemed to enjoy poking fun at AB, it seemed pretty evenhanded, and you could pick up some info that otherwise you would need IRI data or a subscription to one of the other pay-for-content sites.