Boulevard Heads East

While some brewers pull out of markets to meet demand, others are expanding.

Boulevard Brewing Co. is set to expand into Massachusetts with its Smokestack Series line, its first entry into the East Coast.

Boulevard currently sells 91% of its beer in the Central Midwest with only a small presence in the Pacific Northwest.

“Adding an East Coast market to our distribution portfolio is a big step for the brewery,” Boulevard founder and President John McDonald said in a release. “The craft beer movement in New England continues to gain momentum, and we are eager to see how our brands will play in that part of the country.”

The Smokestack Series is a line of small-batch artisan beers sold in 750-milliliter bottles and 12-ounce bottles in four packs. Boulevard also will offer Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale in 5-gallon kegs, giving Massachusetts bars and restaurants the opportunity to offer the Belgian Saison-style beer on tap.

Boulevard entered into a distribution and marketing agreement with the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance.


  1. Jephro says

    Cool 😎

    If you ever have a chance to try the Smokestack – Brett Saison… DO IT!!

    Drank my last bottle of the Original Run several weeks ago 🙁
    – sure was tasty tho