Bottling and Canning Get Married

Meheen Manufacturing and Wild Goose Canning have announced that they have combined their businesses, bringing together a long established manufacturer of bottling machines with a new and innovative canning machine manufacturer.

“We’re thrilled about the Meheen-Wild Goose partnership and the opportunities it creates for  our customers and employees,”. We know some craft producers prefer cans, some bottles and many want both.” said Dan Cleary, President of Meheen. “Our team will now be empowered to help microbreweries and other craft producers select and purchase the world’s best packaging solutions – cans, bottles or both – for their needs and preferences.”

Born in the early days of the original American craft beer renaissance, Meheen has been delivering carbonating and filling technologies to the craft brewing industry for over 20 years. The company is based in Pasco, Washington.

Wild Goose debuted the first Wild Goose Canning system in 2011. Both companies will continue offering and supporting their current products.