Boston Beer to Share Hops

Jim Koch offers up excess inventory of hops to craft brewing community

Boston Beer founder Jim Koch revealed a plan Thursday to supply smaller breweries with 10 tons of hops they might not otherwise have access to.

In a grand gesture of community within our craft brewing industry, Koch announced a plan to offer up excess hops the largest craft brewer in the country has obtained through contracts with growers.

In a statement released yesterday:

“…we looked at our own hops supplies at Boston Beer and decided we could share some of our hops with other craft brewers who are struggling to get hops this year. We’re offering 20,000 pounds at our cost to brewers who need them.

The purpose of doing this is to get some hops to the brewers who really need them. So if you don’t really need them, please don’t order them.

We hope this will make brewing a little easier for those hardest hit by the hop shortage.

Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company”

Details about the offer will be posted at the Samuel Adams website – look for “Hop-Sharing Program.”


  1. beertje46 says

    Admin – you must have missed the post started this morning with full details and pricing. 😀

  2. admin says

    No I didn’t miss it at all. I’ve been following this story since it was released yesterday on the BA Forum.

    Out of respect to the BA, I have simply encapsulated the story here with a lead to the web site.

    The “cut and paste” of the BA Forum in the hops section of ProBrewer does in fact violate the forum rules.

    “All content on the Brewers Association Forum is considered intellectual property of the Brewers Association. No person may reprint or distribute this information without written consent from the Brewers Association.”

    The BA has however graciously given us permission to use it. As very good friends and fellow craft brewing industry family, I would like to thank the Brewers Association for allowing us to pass this on.


  3. beertje46 says

    A diligent forum member sent me this link thinking I worked for Sam Adams:
    Acquired from Sam Adams

    This is an ebay auction for someone selling what they claim are Sam Adams hops. $29.95 plus 9.50 shipping. The sellers name and address are listed in the post. He is in Waynesboro, VA 22980.

    I don’t quite think this is the purpose Jim Koch had in mind when he released these hops. Do you?

  4. Laughing Dog says

    Considering that the hops from Sam Adams have not been released to anyone yet, it appears someone is trying to tarnish the incredible gift that Sam Adams has put out there.

    Laughing Dog

  5. beertje46 says

    I wondered if that may be the case. Maybe someone should send the eBay link to Jim K. and let his crack legal team handle this guy.

  6. pennbrew2 says

    The results of the “hop sharing” lottery are up on the website.

    Congrats to those who got some!

  7. Coast says

    OOHHH, say it ain’t so! None for us. So, anybody have any english hops laying around? I will definitely need a beer now….

    Let me add that Jim is still so generous doing this, thanks for that,Jim.

  8. Laughing Dog says

    I see no one from the Northwest got any and I really hope we dont see any of these on EBAY and tarnish the generous gift Boston Beer has put out there


  9. kugeman says

    Much thanks to Jim for doing this. Unfortunately I got shut out. If any of the lucky lottery winners have were fortunate enough to get more Tettnanger hops than they need I could really use some. Even 11 lbs would help!

  10. northstarbrew says

    We are lucky to be selected for 264# of Kent Goldings and we are in Northern California. We would be happy to trade some poundage for the Tett Tett hops in this lottery or to anyone with some high alphas they can part with:

    We started our brewery last year and have no hop contract… We currently have about 5# of hops on hand with the opportunity to purchase some hops in the same quantities we purchased last year from one of our suppliers (thanks to them and their foresight).

    I would hate to see 2, 3, 4x, the amount of hops needed to bitter a beer be used for a 90 min boil… That is I would much rather see them (these kent goldings) go to use in the last 15 minutes + of a boil and/or dry hop being that they are a rather fantastic aroma hop.

    With that being said we would be happy to share/trade our luck of the draw with anyone that can part with some high alpha hops: Summit, Magnum, Centennial, Columbus, etc…

    I truly believe our brewery (current situation, startup, new, small, etc…) is what the folks at Boston Brew had in mind for their hop sharing program, but I am also full aware that all of the succesful breweries for that last x years are the ones to praise for the opportunity/success we are experiencing at our new brewery, so anyway we can spread/share the wealth, well… enough said.

    Thank you,
    North Star Craft Brewery

  11. bennybrew says

    Laughing Dog wrote: I see no one from the Northwest got any and I really hope we dont see any of these on EBAY and tarnish the generous gift Boston Beer has put out there


    There are already some on ebay saying the hops are from Boston Beer….:mad:

  12. mkunce says

    Today I was approached by a representative of one of the larger breweries that won the Boston Brewery hop lottery. They purchased over 500 pounds of the EKG’s and offered to sell a smaller quantity to me (a lottery loser) for $18 / lb. upon receipt. Nice profit. A classic example of a market incentive compatibility problem created by Boston Brewing.

  13. Laughing Dog says

    Nice, I think you should tell Boston Beer this and they not send them the hops for doing this


  14. monkeybrewer says

    after you get your hop order delivered I would love to know which brewery so I can make sure to bad mouth them and never buy their beer ever!…money truly is the root of all evil…glad you’re getting hops though.

  15. Laughing Dog says

    here is the list of Brewers that got over 500 pounds of EKG’s
    528 pounds each to be exact
    Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co
    Brothers Brewing Co
    Warbird Brewing Company
    Atlantic Brewing Company
    Mercury Brewing And Distribution
    South Shore Brewery
    Barley Brothers Brewery and Grill

    I bet we can figure it out


  16. beauxman says

    That is just plain wrong. Expose them for what they are, post the brewery name.

  17. Jephro says

    I agree! The lottery results are publicly available on the Sam Adams website, and the list of who got over 500 lbs has been “edited” from this thread. I would hate for the innocent breweries in that group to suffer unduly at the hands of one unethical person or company.

    I hope, at the very least, you let the folks @ Sam Adams know who is tarnishing their beautiful gift.

    Karma is a bitch!

  18. Laughing Dog says

    Just so you all know I deleted my own post after thinking about it, for the reasons of I didnt want an innocent brewery shamed

    Laughing Dog