Bosteels “Deus” Previewed in the Pacific Northwest

Specialty beer importer MBI (Manneken-Brussels Inc.) has held a Seattle preview of “Deus,” a specialty beer it is bringing in from Belgium. The strong pale-golden ale is brewed by Brouwerij Bosteels of Buggenhout, Belgium, a brewery which has been in the same family for six generations since its founding in 1791. The brewery is already known for two Belgian specialty beers: Pauwels Kwak, a strong brown ale served in a custom “coachmen’s glass,” and Triple Karmeliet, a strong golden Belgian triple-style of ale. Deus is brewed and fermented to a strength of 11.5% alcohol by volume, then bottled in champagne-like bottles and sent to France’s champagne country for aging according to the “Methode Champenoise,” involving refermentation in the bottle, 12 months maturation time, and traditional “remuage” turning by hand during the aging process. The final process in the beer’s production includes the “degorgement,” in which the bottle’s neck is frozen and the plug of yeast is removed by bottle pressure, followed by a “dosage” to induce and preserve natural carbonation in the bottle, after which the bottle is corked and dressed. The specialty import will be available in limited quantities in select markets later this summer.