Blowin’ in the Wind

Brewery to install on-site wind generator

The full name of Dave Anderson’s new farm/brewing venture in Wilson, Wisconsin is “Dave’s BrewFarm Brewery on Little Wolf Farmstead.” In part, that’s because he’s also planning to grow hops on the farm, too. But he’s also planning on making his own power using wind technology.

This week the brewery is planning a raising of what will be the start of Wisconsin’s Wind-Brewed Beer on Dave’s BrewFarm. They will be installing a Jacobs 31-20, a 20kW wind generator on a 120-foot tower to harvest the winds. The generator is projected to provide up to 50% of the needed electricity for the brewery.

The wind generator is but one component of the sustainable aspect of the BrewFarm project, with geothermal heating/cooling and solar thermal rounding out the renewable energy mix. Greywater recycling will handle the brewery’s wastewater, which will be used in the hopyard and orchards of Little Wolf Farmstead, the agricultural component of the project.

The BrewFarm is an innovative demonstration project showcasing the latest in renewable and sustainable business practices, and rural development.

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