Big QC Day

White Labs offers one-a-year discounted lab test

Big QC Day, the industry’s first large-scale analytical testing program for breweries of all sizes will take place again this January. Launched three years ago by White Labs, the goal was to encourage beer testing by offering convenience and a low price.

White Labs can accomplish this goal by collecting a large number of samples simultaneously.

Big QC Day 2010 includes all of the following tests: alcohol, IBUs, calories, color, pH, density, real extract, real & apparent attenuation, total VDK (diacetyl precursor), wild yeast, aerobic & anaerobic bacteria – and more

White Labs provides this annual Big QC Day to promote Quality Control testing and make it affordable for all brewers ranging from the largest to the “pico”-sized.

Brewers can order Big QC Day testing online at (follow the links to Big QC Day or simply click the Big QC Day postcard image) or by calling 888-5-YEAST-5 (888-593-2785) by the Feb. 5, 2010, deadline.