Big Deal

The ‘Big Deal’ is about to be a ‘Done Deal.’ ABInBev and SABMiller announced today that they have agreed in principle to a merger between the number one and two largest brewers in the world.. Final price tag; $106 billion. It is one of the largest global corporate mergers in history.

Also announced today as expected, ABInBev will spin off the MillerCoors brands here in the US. To satisfy antitrust regulators. Molson Coors will pay $12 billion to takeover SABMiller’s stake in their MillerCoors joint venture which will give them full control of the MillerCoors brands in the US.

The new combined global brewer will control about 30% of the world’s beer market. Number two Heineken will be at roughly 10%.


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    The biggest challenge for the craft industry now will be distribution. InBev will own a large % of the distributors and can freeze out the regional players unless they play by the big money playbook.

    This will be especially true for 3 tier distribution states like my state of FL. We are pushing for self distribution but that is going to be a long battle with the legislature and lobbyists.

    Crooked Rooster Brewery

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    Biggest challenge after this will be distribution for the regional players. AB InBev will own majority of distributors and can freeze out the craft guys. Especially true for 3 tier states like here in FL.