Beer Wars is Coming

In America, size matters. The bigger you are, the more power you have, especially in the business world.

Director Anat Baron has taken on a no holds barred exploration of the U.S. beer industry that ultimately reveals the truth behind the label of big brand beer. Told from an insider’s perspective, Beer Wars goes behind the scenes of the daily battles and all out wars that dominate one of America’s favorite industries.

Beer Wars begins as the corporate behemoths are being challenged by small, independent brewers who are shunning the status quo and creating innovative new beers.

Some familiar names from the craft family interviewed in the film include Michael Jackson, Jim Koch, Kim Jordan, Greg Koch, Carol Stoudt, Garrett Oliver Brewer, John Bryant and Marc Sorini.

The documentary will show for one night only at select theaters across the country. For a listing of theaters, go to: