Beer Radio to get National Syndication

The producers of Beer Radio – The Official Radio Program for the U.S. Beer Drinking Team (USBDT) have selected McMahon Media to spearhead national and international syndication expansion for Beer Radio. Beer Radio is the only national radio program dedicated to the 90,000,000 beer drinkers who spend $75 billion per year in the USA. Beer Radio celebrates “your best beer on your best day with your best friends”. Beer Radio’s host “Big Don” O’Brien and his beer buddies talk about “everything beer,” including Budweiser, Miller, and Coors, as well as great microbrews and international beers. Segments include: Beer and Sports, Beer and Music, Beer Careers, Cooking with Beer, Beer and Fitness, Defenders of Beer, Draft Report, Home Brew, Think B4U Drink! and more. Beer Radio broadcasts during Saturday sports and tailgating drive-time from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (eastern). A 90 second daily vignette called “The Beer Minute” will be included in each affiliate package. Beer Radio is the only syndicated radio program with a “built in” loyalty program. The USBDT is the only national loyalty program for American beer drinkers. As part of Beer Radio’s affiliate marketing and loyalty program, each affiliate station will have access into the USBDT’s national loyalty and promotion database.