BA Milestone

The Brewers Association has passed a major milestone with a record number of brewery members.

Brewery membership has grown from 548 at the turn of the century, 680 at the merger that created the BA, to 1,041 today. This number includes US, international members and breweries in planning.

“We work closely with our board of directors and the BA committees and subcommittees to ensure we are meeting the needs of the brewery members,” BA Director, Paul Gatza says. “Growth in the number of brewery members indicates to us that the BA is meeting the needs of its current members, as well as being an organization that the non-member breweries want to join.”

Gatza says, “The greater number of brewery members translates into broader representation in government affairs so that the small brewing industry can speak with one voice.”

To date there are 1,428 active US breweries. Of the 1,428 American breweries and those in planning, 979 companies are members of the BA.