BA Defines ‘Quality Beer’

The Brewers Association quality subcommittee has introduced a definition of quality beer, along with a vision and mission.

The committee vision is stated as, “a membership that consistently produces beer of high quality.”

Quality Beer is defined as, “a beer that is responsibly produced using wholesome ingredients, consistent brewing techniques and good manufacturing practices, which exhibits flavor characteristics that are consistently aligned with both the brewer’s and beer drinker’s expectations.”

Lastly, the mission of the committee is, “to continue the advancement of quality within the craft brewing community through:

  • Fostering a sense of shared responsibility in all breweries for the importance of quality in craft beer
  • Motivating all BA members to invest in issues that improve and maintain quality, without compromising their focus on creativity and flavor
  • Educating all BA members about existing quality resources and best practices for ingredient selection, process control and analysis
  • Facilitating access to affordable analysis and promote the development of simple, cost effective quality methods”

More details on the BA web site here.