AOB to Offer Siebel Sensory Analysis at GABF

The Association of Brewers will once again present professional-level brewing education from the Siebel Institute of Technology at the 2004 AOB Great American Beer Festival. The 4-hour Siebel Institute Sensory Analysis Seminar is designed to introduce brewers and beer lovers to the process of sensory evaluation of beer.

During the presentation, students will learn to employ techniques used in professional breweries worldwide to assess the quality of their ales and lagers. The seminar will follow the brewing process from brewhouse to packaged product focusing on positive and negative flavor compounds produced during the various stages of the brewing process. The origin and control of the various flavors will be discussed and students will
have the opportunity to taste beers that have been spiked with the different flavor compounds. The seminar will conclude with a “test” of unknown compounds to assess the students sensory skills.

The seminar will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel Downtown Denver, 1881 Curtis St. Denver, CO at 1:00 pm on Friday October 1st in the Spruce Room . The $110 fee includes the 4-hour presentation, seminar notebook, and all tasting samples. To find out more about this presentation, or to register (space is limited), you can contact the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago by phone at 312-255-0705 or by e-mail at