Another Contract Facility to Open

A former ABI marketing executive is planning to open an 80,000 square foot brewing facility in Providence RI specifically for contract brewing.

Devin Kelly, who worked for InBev for five years and then three years for ABI after the InBev/AB purchase is partnering with two others to create The Isle Brewers Guild which will brew beer under contract for other breweries.

Tim Schoen,  another AB alumnus, is opening The Brew Hub in central Florida, an identical business model that will only contract brew beer without the development on their own brand.

The RI project aims to cater primarily to nano breweries that have run out of capacity.

Plans call for about 60 people to work at the brewery — about two-thirds of them Isle employees, the rest brewmasters and others employed by the partner beer labels.

The brewery will include a tasting room and outdoor patio for retail sales.

The partners hope to open by the end of 2015.