And the Winners are

The Lallemand Brewing sponsored is pleased to announce the winners of the Brain of Craft Brewers beer contest which was launched last April at the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston. The participating brewers created their best pilsners, American ales and stouts brewed with Nottingham Ale Yeast. The contest called on the brewer’s creativity and sense of innovation to brew the beer that would win the top prize money of $30,000.

On September 22, 2009 a panel of 16 experienced judges tasted a total of 70 beers entered in all 3 categories by 33 breweries (brewpubs and microbreweries). The judges were either BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) accredited or professional brewers. They ranked the top 3 beers of each category and characterized the beers as diversified, clean and surprising! This was especially true for the pilsners since Nottingham is mostly regarded as a yeast to brew ales.

The top 3 winners of the pilsner category were Bluegrass Brewing Co (3rd); Wynkoop Brewing Co (2nd) and Dempsey’s Restaurant and Brewery (winner). The top 3 winner of the American ale category were Big Rock Chophouse (3rd), Beaver Street Brewery (2nd) and Port Brewing Co (winner). The top 3 winners of the stout category were Odell Brewing Co (3rd), the Bruery (2nd) and Bluegrass Brewing Co (winner).

The Best of Show beer was elected by 6 expert judges: Steve Dresler (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co); Lauren Salazar (New Belgium Brewing Co); Lyn Kruger (Siebel Institute of Technology); Jamie Floyd (Ninkasi Brewing Co); Keith Villa (MillerCoors) and Matt Stinchfield (BJCP National) and they selected the stout from BLUEGRASS BREWING COMPANY as the big winner!

Lallemand Brewing includes AB Vickers Ltd and the Siebel Institute of Technology. AB Vickers is located in Burton upon Trent (UK) and is a supplier of brewers yeast and brewing process aids to the global brewing industry. Siebel Institute of Technology is based in Chicago, IL and is a provider of educational, consultancy, yeast and laboratory services to the global brewing industry. For more information please visit