Alpha King Challenge Guidelines are Announced

Brewers are invited to submit their high-gravity, highly-hopped beers to the 2004 Alpha King Challenge. Sponsored by Hopunion CBS, American Brewer/Brewing News and Three Floyds Brewing Co., the 6th Annual Alpha King Challenge takes its name from a very hoppy, 60 IBU beer brewed by Three Floyds called Alpha King and used as a benchmark for the Challenge.

Lacking any specific guidelines or categories, except a recommended minimum 60 IBU’s, beers submitted for the Alpha King Challenge must be commercially sold in bottles, should be high-gravity, well-hopped and well-balanced. No Barley Wine style entries are allowed. Hoppy ‘standard’ IPAs, Double IPAs and Imperial IPAs are likely candidates, as are darker hoppy beers.

To enter, call 1-800-952-4873 and ask for Nadia or e-mail her at mailto: and she will send you an application form. Entries are accepted Sept. 15 – 27, and the judging is Fri., Oct. 1, 1:00-3:00 pm at Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, concurrent with the Great American Beer Festival.