AB Sues Brick

World’s largest brewer claims brand looks too similar to Bud Light Lime

Anheuser-Busch Cos. and Labatt Brewing Co. sued Brick Brewing Co., claiming the Canadian brewery is infringing their trademarks with the use of limes and the color green on its labels.

A-B and Labatt asked a Canadian federal judge to stop the Waterloo, Ontario-based Brick from using the images in advertising for Red Baron Lime beer because the image and graphics are too similar to Bud Light Lime.

The suit claims that Brick’s label will lead people to believe its Red Baron beer is associated with, authorized by or in some way connected with Anheuser.


  1. Jephro says

    You’ve gotta be freakin kidding me, I take back every nice thing i ever said about that company. At least Brick is getting some free exposure.

    I guess if you are big as ABI you can patent colors and fruit. Like they were not knocking off Corona with that clear painted bottle???

    But it’s not like AB ever copied anything else..oh wait…. hmm Budvar??

  2. WitsEnd says

    Why not?

    If you could get a label approved with the sole intent of farming for a lawsuit from the big guys, why wouldn’t you?

    I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but why not give it a try?

    What about a grass-roots collaboration across state lines to put out a beer label with the sole intention of drawing a mass lawsuit from AB?

    Imagine hundreds of breweries nation-wide participating in a project of this scale.

    How about a pre-prohibition CAP named Pre-Bud?

    I need to stay off the forums after drinking homebrew…

  3. gabewilson50 says

    Are they going to turn around and sue every major brewery in Latin America for their “chelada” style (beer with lime or lemon flavor and sometimes salt) beers too?? It’s not like that’s what they were trying to copy in the first place to attempt to market to the large Hispanic population in the U.S., is it? Pathetic, really, and we should feel sorry for them more than anything because it means that they feel they have a very strong future with lime flavored beer and that it should be protected at all costs!