A-B’s ‘New’ Brewery

Anheuser-Busch will create ‘Michelob Brewing Co.’

The St. Louis-Dispatch reports Anheuser-Busch is creating Michelob Brewing Co., a new unit that will encompass A-B’s fuller-flavored beers, such as Michelob, and spin-offs such as Michelob Porter and AmberBock as well as newer beers that have not yet been released.

This “formally gives new autonomy and creative license to its 112-year-old Michelob brand family.” Keith Levy, vice president of brand management at the company’s domestic beer division, said the company expects it will elicit appreciation of Michelob’s “authenticity.”

The P-D reports Michelob’s march toward autonomy started about a year ago, when A-B reintroduced Michelob Lager as an all-malt beer — which it was in 1896, when it was introduced as a “draught beer for connoisseurs.”

Now, the brewer is trying to wrap Michelob in the mantle of fast-growing specialty beers. Its new advertising tagline, for example, is “crafting a better beer.” Television commercials featuring brewery employees — Steve “the barley guy” and “Mel the maltster” — tout the care that goes into selecting and testing Michelob’s ingredients.

The story says A-B soon will introduce Michelob Dunkel Weisse — the company previously brewed a dunkelweizen only for the Colorado market — and expand Michelob Pale Ale into a year-round offering.

The Michelob family also includes Porter, Marzen, Wheat, Honey Lager and AmberBock — on top of the basic Michelob and Michelob Light. All of those beers, plus seasonal brews such as Sun Dog Amber Wheat, Beach Bum Blonde Ale and Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale, will be wrapped into Michelob Brewing Co.


  1. Moonlight says

    Fair enough, as long as they stop using misleading names like Green Valley Brewing Co.

  2. chris h says

    unfortunately, I think it’s still a two pronged attack utilizing a named brand such as Michelob and “Stone Mill Brewery”. Two to three tap handles at most of my locations belong to these pretenders