A Blue Moon Success in Craft Category

Coors to intro new seasonal for in-house ‘craft’ beer

Coors Brewing Company has filed for label approval with the TTB for a new Blue Moon line extension. Called Blue Moon Spring Ale. According to the application, the beer is an amber wheat ale with kieffer lime leaves and lime peel.

Coors Blue Moon Belgium White Ale has shown tremendous sales growth and has been a rare success for an in-house “craft” beer by one of the major brewers. The brand had double-digit sales growth last year with very little marketing support.

Coors has shown little affiliation with the Blue Moon brand, allowing most consumers to believe Blue Moon is an independently brewed beer. There is no mention of Blue Moon on the coors.com web site, and Coors has supported the brand with very little marketing.

The Blue Moon portfolio has had other seasonal introductions including a pumpkin ale and a winter ale.