A-B Sails with Jimmy Buffett

For years, Parrotheads’ beer of choice was Corona, the Mexican lager that sponsored Jimmy Buffett’s concert tours.

Move on over Corona, because Anheuser-Busch is after the “changes in latitude” crowd with a new beer called LandShark.

At first glance, LandShark looks like a microbrew that’s produced by Buffett himself. The name alludes to the Buffett song Fins, the product is displayed prominently on Buffett’s web site and the bottle says the lager is made by Margaritaville Brewing Co. of Jacksonville.

But LandShark is brewed by A-B, joining the faux craft beer lineup of Wild Hop Lager and Stone Mill Pale Ale, both organic brews marketed as the product of Green Valley Brewing Co.

LandShark is available in Margaritaville restaurants and will be sold at Buffett concerts. For now, the beer is being distributed to stores and restaurants only in Florida.