2006 CBC Announcements

Calagione to Keynote

The Brewers Association’s 23rd Annual Craft Brewers Conference will signal the opening of the conference with keynote speaker Sam Calagione, founder and owner of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and author of Brewing Up a Business.

The coference will take place in Seattle, Wash. April 11-14.

Calagione, named the Small Business Association’s “Business Man of the Year,” will address conference attendees during the keynote address scheduled for Wednesday, April 12 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

“Sam Calagione embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of the craft beer community today which continues to produce the most flavorful and diverse beers in the world,” stated Paul Gatza, Brewers Association Director. “As the owner of both a brewpub and a small, independent brewery that has a reputation for making unconventional beers with high quality ingredients packed with unique and intense flavors he has successfully created international interest in the American Craft Beer community which benefits us all.”

The BA Craft Brewers Conference is the nation’s largest annual gathering of the professional brewing industry. To view a complete list of speakers and selected seminar topics visit www.CraftBrewersConference.com. The Brewers Association World Beer Cup, an international beer competition held every two years will be held in conjunction with this year’s conference in Seattle.


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    Tuesday, March 7th is the early bird registration deadline to sign up for the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference in Seattle.

    This year’s conference runs Wednesday, April 11th through Friday the 14th with some special events taking place on April 10th and 11th.

    You can register online by going to http://www.craftbrewersconference.org or over the phone by calling the BA Member Services department at 303-447-0816.

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    Harry Schuhmacher, of Beer Business Daily will give a discussion at this year’s CBC.

    Harry Schuhmacher stays on the pulse of America’s wholesaling business with his often controversial, no-holds-barred daily take on the beer business.

    His charge at the Craft Brewer Conference is to forecast what the future looks like for specialty beer wholesaling and the craft brewers accessing the market. Will there be continued consolidation? Should we expect more craft-only houses to appear? How can craft brewers create excitement and grow significance in traditional distributor houses? What does the legal landscape hold in key states with self-distribution privileges or barrelage caps for self-distribution?

    I’ve seen Harry speak a number of times, and for those of you who have not, I highly recommend stepping in for this discussion. Harry is humorous, blunt, and calls it like he sees it. He comes mainly from a big brewery, major wholesaler perspective; but he is finally beginning to understand the deep relevance of craft beer in the over-all beer industry.

    You’ll see me there!

    The Kennedy Address:
    The Future of Craft Beer Wholesalers
    Thursday, April 13
    4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


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    You can still get your posters into the annual poster competition during the CBC.

    Sponsored by Creative Images, this program benefits both the brewers who contribute and the industry at large since one of the mounted posters gets auctioned off to benefit American Craft Beer Week.

    Please send two copies of your poster to Creative Images. They will mount them and return one to you and send the other to Seattle for the auction. At the conclusion of the show, the winner of the poster competition will be announced – and we can see who gets bragging rights for “best poster of 2006.”

    The original deadline was Monday, March 20 but if you get the posters down there this week, they can still get them mounted. Please send them to Creative Images at the following address:

    Creative Images
    CBC Poster Competition
    103 W. St. Johns Ave
    Hastings, FL 32145

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    Celebrator Beer News & Pike Brewery present:

    Tuesday, April 11th
    “Battle of the Brewery Bands,”
    Marty Jones & his drunky tonk tunes
    Rolling Boil Blues Band
    Sam Calagione – Pain Relievaz Funkmaster IBU
    Bobby Holland and the Breadline Blues
    music starts 8:00

    Thursday, April 13;
    Rolling Boil Blues Band
    music starts at 6:00